SEO Optimalization

Search Engine Optimization is about helping search engines understand and present content.

Let find yourself!

During application development I strive to provide basic Search Engine Optimalization for a website. Considering many options how to bring traffic into site, you are able to obtain new visitors and moreover potential customers.

GatsbyJS - SEO out of the box

Server-site rendering

All the page content is available to search engine crawlers and Google bots thanks to server-side rendering provided by GatsbyJS.

Faster loading time

After Google's announce Google announced a new ranking factor for site speed update, Google laverages on page loading time and possibly algorythm rank faster websites higher if the content appropriate.


Briefly tell search engines about your content providing metadata consists of page title, meta description, alt text and structured data using JSON-LD. GatsbyJS prepared many components to improve pages' SEO.

Google Analytics

Be familiar with statistics of your app. Thanks to Google Analytics you are able to check traffic, statistics and data about users, who visited application or website.

Analytics tool helps to answer on questions such as:

  • How many users visited website or specific subpage in some particular time as well as check theirs activity and how long they stay on the page?
  • Do users visit your site finding it in Google, different search engine or maybe from the other sites?
  • Where they come from?
  • How many users do conversions? How many of them do shopping, download data, register, login or click on ads
  • When do visitors leave the site, what does the path from entry to exit look like?