Ethereum Dice Game Gambling

The project aimed to create a decentralized dice game platform that relies on smart contracts on the Ethereum network. The application was to be kept simple without any deposit or login mechanisms.


The client's need was to build a decentralized dice game platform without deposits and sign-ups. Client wanted to take adventage of nature of smart contracts, that every dice roll is completely random and cryptographically secure. An important factor was to create a transparent UI so that the user could easily use the platform through his wallet.

User interface during transaction
User interface - user not connected to DApper

Key tasks:

  • implementing smart contracts
  • deploying smart contracts using Truffle
  • building front-end React part using Web3.js library
  • integrating DApper and MetaMask wallet

Used technologies:

  • Ethereum
  • Openzeppelin
  • React
  • Truffle

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