Decentralized Applications

DApps drive their own business through a tokenized system and logic based on smart contracts

What exactly is decentralized application?

DApp (Decentralized application) is application with a backend in the form of smart contracts placed on a blockchain. Client application usually is implemented in JavaScript framework and is connected with blockchain directly. DApps are designed as open source projects that run at the top of the blockchain network. Applications have no main, centralized server, which could control their workflow. There is a large variety of DApps, with different use cases. These can be games, social media platforms, cryptocurrency wallets and financial applications (DeFi).

Statistics and ranking DApps

Over the last 2 to 3 years, we have noticed a significant expansion of dApps projects in diverse industries. Speculative hype and abstract high prices of cryptocurrencies have evolved to real-world adoption.

As follows from the study entitled "Global Blockchain Survey" conducted by Deloitte, in 2020 almost 40% of respondents already integrate blockchain in their companies - compared to slightly over 20% in 2019. However, it is worth noting that the study of this international consulting company covered only those who understand blockchain technology. Of almost 1.5 thousand respondents (including senior managers) from several countries, as many as 55% listed blockchain among the five main strategic priorities of their companies. Regarding the reasons that attracted them to this innovative technology, the vast majority said that there are convincing business arguments for the use of blockchain but they were equally afraid that their companies would lose their competitive advantage if they did not adopt the emerging technology.


One of the most popular DApp, which has been created is CryptoKitties. It is application, which allows to collect and combine digital and unique kitties. Their genetic code is stored on the main network of Ethereum blockchain network! Purchasing and selling as well as mixing them each other happen with using specific amount of ethereum cryptocurrency, which bear some value. Due to the fact that signature of every kitty is cryptographicly coded, only the owner has access to it's property. The most expensive cat was sold for the sum of ethereum which was equal 170,000$ ! Despite of that it sounds quite hilarious for people but for the authors is not. They made several million dollars in just a few months and application is still the most recognizable in the DApps world.