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Lending/Borrowing Protocol

The task was to develop a decentralized platform offering DeFi P2P lending and borrowing platform, promoting financial freedom and secure wealth generation.




01 May 2021

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Project Brief

The client's need was to establish GainMatcher, an avant-garde decentralized financial (DeFi) platform that would present an array of innovative financial products, ranging from lending and borrowing to capital renting. Central to ChainGain's mission was the aspiration to provide users with unparalleled transactional freedom, through an alternate platform capable of generating wealth securely and reliably.

How We Work

For this project, our key tasks were as follows:

  • Smart Contract Implementation: Using Solidity, we implemented smart contracts that formed the backbone of the P2P lending/borrowing platform, GainMatcher.
  • Contract Testing and Deployment: With HardHat, we rigorously tested and securely deployed the implemented smart contracts.
  • Front-End Development: Employing React, ethers.js, and useDapp libraries, we created a responsive and user-friendly interface.
  • Back-End Development: Utilizing Node.js and Amazon EC2, we implemented scalable network applications and managed infrastructure, with routing handled by Route 53.
  • Off-Chain Login Implementation: We ensured a seamless login system for enhanced user experience.
  • Workflow Automation: To increase efficiency, we automated our workflow using GitHub Actions.

Throughout these tasks, we maintained close communication with the client, adapting as needed to ensure that the client's ambitious vision was realized.

The tools and technologies we used for this project included:

  • Solidity
  • HardHat
  • React
  • ethers.js & useDapp
  • Node.js
  • Amazon EC2 & Route 53
  • GitHub Actions

These technologies allowed us to create an effective and secure solution tailored to the client's needs.


The outcome of the project was the successful launch of ChainGain, a groundbreaking DeFi platform. It offers a diverse suite of financial products, including a robust P2P lending/borrowing platform called GainMatcher. The implemented smart contracts, user interface, and various technological solutions resulted in a system that met the client's unique demands.

By using cutting-edge technologies like Solidity, HardHat, and Amazon services, we were able to provide a platform that not only met the client's needs but also contributed to shaping the future of decentralized finance.

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Who Love Our Work

Working with this team has been a game-changer for us. Their rapid delivery approach allowed us to implement blockchain solutions in our business faster than we ever thought possible. The team’s expertise and dedication are truly second to none.

Stephen Davies
Stephen Davies

Founder and CEO of ChainGain

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