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The project was aimed at creating a prototype of a system for banks that would confirm the correctness of the balance presented on accounting accounts and transactions in individual banks based on blockchain.


NFT Marketplace


01 Mar 2021

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Project Brief

In this project, our goal was to develop a functional NFT (Non-Fungible Token) site on Binance Smart Chain, incorporating a variety of specific features. The platform was designed to sell both pre-existing NFTs as well as host a presale of a limited run of NFTs set to be minted at a later date. A central part of our platform is a robust marketplace, where users can interact with NFTs in a variety of ways including buying, offering, and selling.

How We Work

Our development process involved the utilization of React for front-end development, utilizing the 'create react app' framework. On the back-end, we made use of Node/Express/Mongo as necessary, and integrated Amazon S3 and IPFS for storage needs. The smart contracts that underpin the platform were written in Solidity, and we made use of web3 for blockchain interactions. We adopted an iterative development approach.


We successfully achieved our goal of developing a fully functional NFT marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain within the stipulated timeframe. Platform allows users to explore the NFT catalog, make offers, sell their NFTs, and participate in blind NFT art sales. Furthermore, with built-in royalties for secondary sales and an affiliate structure for the initial minting sale, platform fosters a rewarding and interactive NFT trading environment.

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Who Love Our Work

Working with this team has been a game-changer for us. Their rapid delivery approach allowed us to implement blockchain solutions in our business faster than we ever thought possible. The team’s expertise and dedication are truly second to none.

Stephen Davies
Stephen Davies

Founder and CEO of ChainGain

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