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Ethereum Dice Game Gambling

The project aimed to create a decentralized dice game platform that relies on smart contracts on the Ethereum network. The application was to be kept simple without any deposit or login mechanisms.




01 Mar 2019

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Project Brief

Our client envisioned the creation of an innovative, decentralized dice game platform that could operate without requiring deposits or sign-ups from its users. The client's aim was to leverage the inherent characteristics of smart contracts, ensuring each dice roll within the platform would be entirely random and safeguarded by robust cryptographic security and Oracles. Moreover, a fundamental requirement was to construct a user interface (UI) that was clear and user-friendly, enabling users to effortlessly interact with the platform using their wallets.

Our Approach

The project encompassed a number of key tasks that were essential to its successful execution:

  • Implementing Smart Contracts: Our team meticulously designed and implemented smart contracts to manage the gaming mechanics and ensure the highest level of security.

  • Deploying Smart Contracts Using Truffle: We used Truffle, a popular development framework for Ethereum, to deploy these smart contracts effectively. This framework was chosen for its reliability, as well as its capacity to streamline the deployment process.

  • Building the Front-End Using React and Web3.js: The front-end of the platform was built using the React JavaScript library. We used the Web3.js library to facilitate seamless interaction between the front-end and the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Integrating DApper and MetaMask Wallet: To enable users to connect their wallets and interact with the platform, we integrated DApper and MetaMask, popular and trusted tools in the blockchain space.

Each of these tasks was carried out in close collaboration with the client, enabling us to align the project with their unique vision, while ensuring all requirements were fulfilled to the highest standards.

Technologies Utilized

Our team employed a suite of advanced technologies and tools to bring this project to fruition:

  • Ethereum: As one of the most secure and reliable blockchain platforms, Ethereum was the logical choice for this project.

  • Openzeppelin: A library for secure smart contract development, OpenZeppelin offered pre-compiled contracts which we adapted for the needs of the dice game platform.

  • Truffle: This Ethereum development environment helped us streamline the process of deploying the smart contracts.

  • React: We utilized React to create an interactive and user-friendly front-end interface.


The outcome of this project was a cutting-edge decentralized dice game platform that negated the need for deposits or sign-ups, offering users a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience. The platform, with its random and cryptographically secure dice rolls, not only achieved, but surpassed our client's expectations. The user-friendly interface we developed allows

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