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ICO Smart contracts for CryptoMayhem

The project involved implementing smart contracts for Adria Games ICO on the Binance Smart Chain, including payment integration and secure token allocation.


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01 Jul 2022

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Project Brief

For Adria Games, a computer game studio that created the Metaverse game CryptoMayhem, we implemented smart contracts to facilitate an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on the Binance Smart Chain network using Solidity. The ICO accepted payments in BNB, USDC, and USDT. In addition, staking and vesting contracts were implemented. We also assisted in integrating smart contracts with the client's frontend and included a whitelist in the sales contract to ensure that a portion of the tokens was allocated to authorized users. Cryptographic know-how was employed to accomplish these tasks.

How We Work

Our approach to this project involved several key tasks:

  • Smart Contract Implementation: We implemented smart contracts that met the conditions for executing the ICO on the Binance Smart Chain (including token contract).
  • Payment Integration: The ICO was designed to accept payments in BNB, USDC, and USDT.
  • Staking and Vesting Contracts: Additional contracts were implemented to handle staking and vesting.
  • Frontend Integration Assistance: We assisted in integrating the smart contracts with the client's frontend.
  • Whitelist Inclusion: We incorporated a whitelist in the sales contract to allocate tokens to authorized users.


The results of the project were a successful ICO with secure and effective smart contracts. The outcomes included:

  • Successful ICO Launch: The ICO was carried out on the Binance Smart Chain network, accepting multiple forms of payment.
  • Efficient Token Allocation: Staking and vesting contracts ensured proper handling of the tokens.
  • Enhanced Security and Exclusivity: The inclusion of a whitelist added an extra layer of security and ensured that authorized users had access to the tokens in the initial phase.
  • Client Collaboration: Our collaboration with the client and integration with their frontend led to a cohesive and effective solution.

The project was marked by innovation and attention to detail, fulfilling the specific requirements of Adria Games and contributing to the success of the CryptoMayhem game.

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Who Love Our Work

Working with this team has been a game-changer for us. Their rapid delivery approach allowed us to implement blockchain solutions in our business faster than we ever thought possible. The team’s expertise and dedication are truly second to none.

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Stephen Davies

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