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BlocRecon - Bank Reconciliation System Blockchain

The project was aimed at creating a prototype of a system for banks that would confirm the correctness of the balance presented on accounting accounts and transactions in individual banks based on blockchain.


Private Blockchain


01 Aug 2020

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Project Brief

The client's need was to create a prototype of a bank network system that would verify every transaction between institutions. In addition, each bank was to contain its own nodes and a copy of the blockchain. The client wanted the administration panel, which would show possible transaction inconsistencies and the differences that banks have in their database.

How We Work

For this project, our key tasks were as follows:

  • Creating the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain architecture
  • Implementing chaincodes
  • Deploying network to Amazon Managed Blockchain service
  • Integrating 'BlocRecon' user interface module with Hyperledger Explorer

Throughout these tasks, we maintained consistent communication with the client and kept a clear focus on the project objectives, adapting as necessary to ensure a successful outcome.

The tools and technologies we used for this project included:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Docker
  • Hyperledger
  • React

These technologies enabled us to create a secure and efficient solution for the client's needs.


The outcome of the project was a successful prototype of a bank network system with individual nodes for each bank and a blockchain copy. The administration panel allows for detection of potential transaction inconsistencies and database differences among banks.

We were able to fulfill the client's requirements by creating an effective solution that significantly enhanced their transaction verification processes. By using advanced technologies like Hyperledger Fabric and Amazon Web Services, we were able to provide

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Working with this team has been a game-changer for us. Their rapid delivery approach allowed us to implement blockchain solutions in our business faster than we ever thought possible. The team’s expertise and dedication are truly second to none.

Stephen Davies
Stephen Davies

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